Monday, February 9, 2015

a day out at Dromana beach

Hello lovelies, I just wanted to do a post about my day at the beach yesterday, whilst it was lovely, hubby and I both got very sunburnt and are looking rather lobsterish at the moment. Him more than me, I mainly got sunburnt on my back and back of legs, he got it pretty much everywhere. But we enjoyed the afternoon at Dromana beach.

 So we get there about 1pm and are starving so we go to the Fish n Chip's shop and I get a steak sandwhich as that is what my go to is when we go out like this.
 The weather started over cast however really warmed up, so much so we are now paying for it!

 The beach was just as lovely as I had remembered it because I had used to live there when I was 14, and it had been ages since I'd been down at the beach.

Hubby had snuck this photo in before I got sunburnt,

 Even the life guards were out and about.

even without make up I love this pic cause I'm happy, it was such a refreshing little holiday.

Hugs Happy Monday,

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