Sunday, February 22, 2015

Haul! Australian brands, Cruelty free, bath products and thrifted items

Hello lovelies! I didn't mean to leave you in the lurch for so long but with hot weather, work and not feeling very well it doesn't leave me for being in a writing mood on my little blog and I don't want it to be a whinging platform so I'm back after a few days grace. Hope you can forgive me! I know we can all have days like that.

But I wanted to show you some products I have been purchasing lately as I again have been shopping as when I am stressed, I go shopping, its my thing to do when I'm stressed and or just not feeling right in myself. I thin us women are wired in that sense lol. Not to sound sexist of course.

First up I bought some thrifted items because I felt the need haha I purchased these three books as I feel the need to read at the moment. Stephen King was a big part of my life when I was younger and I hadn't actually read these and thought it looked good! $2 each.
 I didn't actually get this, its actually at my thrift shop that I work at and its still on the wall, if its still there when I go back tomorrow should I get it?

 I got my partner to buy this on ebay because the author actualy sadly passed away I think a couple of weeks ago. And its meant to be a classic and I haven't read it, its one year younger than my age and I'm thirty years old!

So here's the make up haul, at Kmart they were clearing out face of Australia big time, which was good but mkes me sad at the same time. They had products starting from $3. I purchased multiple items. I bought the blush in nutmeg, mineral therapy foundation powder in light, lip crayon in raspberry coulis, quench lipstick in forbidden fruit, and maybelline electro pop in oh orange as I am obsessed with these lip balms for some reason! I got them from my chemist for $1.88 and I also got the bys contour kit in the shade sweet which suits me perfectly, by the way the blush is super pigmented! for under $6 you need it in your life, the contour shade suits my very fair skin amazingly. The video where I try it you can view here.

my contour first impressions
next is the designer brands products I purchased, I got these clearance sale, and I love a CLEARANCE sale. the eye shadow pallet is amazing, I paid $8.00 for it. It's the urban sultry and silky pallet I think from memory lol. And the lipgloss is the Passionate plum lavish lipgloss and it was $4. Now hold the phone! I had no idea db did bath products! and this was on clearance to $3.50 and I can't find any info on it online. But its the mint burst body scrub and its amazing.

The best thing about db is that they have recently been accredited and and are not tested on animals! woohoo

like these items? what do you like? comment below
hugs Jess

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  1. Darling, you blog is so beautiful! I’m impressed! Your photos and posts are amazing! I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!

    Diana Cloudlet


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