Sunday, February 15, 2015

my unofficial guide to Instagram and cats taking over the web

Hello lovelies! today I am writing a little wee guide that is very unofficial on how to create an instagram account and get instagram famous. What is instagram famous? and why would you bother? well basically its getting as many followers as possible as well as likes on your photos and comments as well. I have found there is a pattern on instageram, people tend to like cats, a lot. Which is great for me as I am a crazy cat lady and love sharing pics of my cat Krissy. But fear not if you don't have your own cat to take selfies with... here's how to get started! Why would you  bother?  because its a fun, rather addicting hobby that will slowly take over your life.

and of course my cat Krissy 

Sign up and choose an intriguing name. My name on instagram is jessicacookbirds, its not interesting but people tend to remember it better. Choose a punchy, punch line of yourself for your profile. Cat's, cats, its all about cats, and oh don't forget the cats, could be one of them!
But change it up to suit you and your personality. You will need a profil pic, make it interesting! make it pop, make it say I'm having a fantastic, and interesting and never ending social life (even if we're not)

I post make up and thrifted stuff I find

So then what do you do? we post pics, add hash tags toget the most views. Hash tags are #cats #food the things with that cross symbol. Put as many as you can relating to the topic of that photo and I even ram in some random ones just for the sake of it, it helps to spread into the feed more.

Also make friends on instagram, find those that are interested in similar things, comment and get to know them.

It cracks me up trying to be a fashion poser

But most of all have fun! and lets watch the cats take over the world!
If you liked this post then please comment, share me your intagram account and lets follow each other! I'm @jessicacookbirds

hugs Jess

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