Saturday, February 7, 2015

my week in pictures my galah, rainbow lorikeet and cat

Hello lovelies, gosh what a busy week, school has started back and I am studying Legal studies and Health and human development so they should keep me out of trouble, but I've had some health issues which is why I've been a little bit quiet here, however I have been op shopping (thrift shopping) and wanted to show you some of my finds as well as show you my week in pictures!

 I always love playing with this guy! his name is Matty and he is a Galah (rosie breasted cockatoo) and do you notice anything different about my eye balls?

 I had coffee with Sally my bestie and we had a great old chin wag,
 This photo makes me look terribly short but she was standing on something.
 Gave some smoochies to my girl Krissy,

 Picked up this super cute necklaces, my mother in law calls me Princess or Queenie as my nicknames.

Thought this rabbit frame was adorable, its handmade
 Bought a fake gucci bag or as I like to call them fucci! lol I only paid $3 for this bag,
 Had a visit from a kookaburra in my yard,
 And hung out with Sarah my rainbow lorikeet,
 And the big secret that really isn't a secret is that I had to get prescription glasses, and these were the pair I picked out and I love them, this was the photo I took when I first got them a week ago.
Shall we end with some Crocheting and chocolate biscuits?

how has your week been? would love to know! leave me a comment
hugs Jess

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jess.. Your lorikeet is beautiful. Salivating over those choc biscuits.. :)


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