Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thrifted charity shop valentines day ideas to spoil your loved ones, whoever they are! make it your valentines day

Hello lovelies! I guess you all know about the rather romantic...

day ahead of us? well if you didn't its Valentines day. I am not typically a romantic gal at heart and my hubby and I actually don't really do much apart from give each other a card, and a special hug. However I wanted to share with you some affordable ways you could celebrate Valentines day or any day with your loved ones, whoever they may be!

I shared a lovely brunch with my hubby,at a favourite cafe of ours, at a very affordable price of $15 each.

I also picked up some Valentines day cards from my opshop that I work at, for 50cents!

Valentines day needn't be expensive or a chore, make it yours!

hugs Jess


  1. Happy Valentine's day in advance hun. :)

  2. loads of restaurants charges so much just because it's valentines day!
    It definitely doesn't need to be expensive :)


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