Thursday, February 12, 2015

top five thrifted Valentines day gift ideas

Hi lovelies! for us in Australia, there is only one day left until Valentines day, and I thought I'd do a quick post with what you can spoil your loved ones with, be it friends or romantic, and still be super cheap! cheap you say? yup, I buy most gifts from opshops. And no it isn't as terrible as it sounds because if you are on the hunt you can find some wonderful gifts! new things come in, and original ideas can crop up if you are feeling clever.

So without further ado here are my top five thrifted Valentines day gift ideas.

I got the teddy bear as my girlfriend collects teddy bears and I knew she'd love this one, $2

 This owl key ring is adorable! pink and girlie and my friend loves owls, so it will look so cute in her collection. .50cents

My friend has a young daughter and I thought I'd get something for her as well, she loves pinks and hearts and when I saw this bracelet I thought she'd adore it. $1

Another little cat ornament! its a china basket and I thought I'd fill it with candy for a sweet touch, I paid $2 for this one.
 I know this mug came from a gift ware store originally and was $7, it was from typo and at the thrift shop I paid $1 for it. I think my cat loving friend will adore this!

so not a bad little haul for a thrifted Valentines day gift round up!

what have you been buying?
leave me a comment!


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