Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Face of Australia lipsticks Pink champagne, Peaches and cream, and Malibu barbie swatches

Hello lovelies! seeing as it looks like I have my blogging mojo back for now I thought that I would write a little post about three lipsticks that I have been having a bit of a love affair with.
The lipsticks are all different varied shades of pinks which is quite different from what I normally have been going for. But I did pick them up for a steal at Kmart as Kmart was clearing foa for the past few weeks. I picked up these lovelies for $4 each. 

The shades are Pink champagne, Peaches and cream, and Malibu Barbie. I'm actually hoping to go back and get Lychee. 

These lipsticks are the most hydrating and pigmented that I have tried in a long, long time!! 

here are swatches 
One closer up so you can see how pigmented and creamy they are and hopefully appreciate the texture these lipsticks do actually have.
From top to bottom 
Pink Champagne 
Peaches and cream
Malibu Barbie

I thought I'd show swatches on how they actually wore on the lips as well. They are incredibly hydrating. 

Again Pink Champagne
 Peaches and Cream
 and Malibu Barbie
Surprisingly out of the three Pink champagne is my favourite!  I thought for sure that Malibu Barbie would have been because I love cooler toned, hot pink lipsticks. However for some reason this Pink Champagne has really grabbed at my heart strings and if I see another one at kmart I'm going to grab one! 

have you been using any of these foa lipsticks? any other shades? would love to hear from you! 
hugs Jess

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