Friday, March 27, 2015

q&a get to know me

Hello lovelies I thought I would do a q&a type thing on the blog today because I'm sick and didn't have anything else planned.

This is me chilling out in my jammies
 And this is what I'll be eating for my lunch and dinner today, home cooked chicken and corn soup.

So onto the questions
Who am I? I am Jess, I'm 30 years old and I love tea and coffee (don't ask me to choose between cause I can't)

What is my job?
I currently work as a retail assistant in a charity shop, or thrift shop and I love it, its so much fun. I love interacting with the customers. And seeing what donations come in. I also do a bit of wildlife caring but I don't get paid for that as its voluntary and all out of my own pocket so the retail work is my day job. But animals are my passion.
This is my parrot Jimmy he is preening me, and we rescued him and I am giving him rehab by training him to be more social and friendly. I am also able to hand rear animals, and care for animals by giving them triage care and things like that.

What else do you do?
I'm a student, I've gone back to do my highschool degree, as I dropped out when I was young and dumb. Now I'm just dumb (joking) but no you are never to old to try and complete anything that you set your mind to.

What music do I like?
Currently I'm going through a phase where I really like rock or heavy metal, lol its quite strange as normally my taste in music is vast and varied. Favourite bands at the moment are Black Veiled brides, Taylor Momsen, Things of that nature, I don't overly enjoy heavy hard core scream bands but I do like alternative and metal. Some other faves are Metalica and Placebo. I also like Sound garden, Pearl Jam and Gun's n Roses. But I also like pop and dance music as well.

What is my favourite foods?
At the moment cause I'm trying to be healthy I'm eating a lot of soups and salads, taco's are also on the menu at home a lot but if I'm treating myself pizza is my all time favourite. I am also addicted to coffee, we recently bought a pod coffee maker and it makes the most delish coffee, and best of all it does tea as well. Coffee is food right?

Favourite animal?
I believe my spirit animal is a fox, they are my favourite wild animal even though here in Australia they are deemed as a pest and should be culled. Which I think is truly sad as they are such a magnificent animal. I know not a lot of people agree with me but I love them. Domestic favourite animals are cats! funny saying that considering I have pet birds but they come second after cats.

This is Krissy and she is mah baby!

anyways I hope you enjoyed my rather random q&a thing don't forget to find me on youtube and instagram 

and instagram

please comment and share and I'll see you next time! 
hugs Jess

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