Sunday, March 22, 2015

w7 In the buff and w7 in the nude dupes for urban decay naked eye shadow pallet swatches and first impressions

Hello my lovelies! I have accidentally been away again, but I have been purchasing things makeup wise but after this I'm officially on a make up spending ban! not sure for how long but I think I'm going to try for a month, so this is officially my first day. I'll blog about how I'm feeling along my spending ban.

But last night I went to the Chemist Wharehouse cause I had to pick up some vitamins and low and behold they had some eye shadow pallets I had been lusting after. At $10 a piece these are a steal and they are an exact dupe for the urban decay naked pallets, or so I've read. I don't actually own any of those.

But lets show off these beauties shall we? I could not decide which one to get, (of course, its the Libran in me) so I decided to get both. I also will be doing a video review on them soon as so far I have only swatched them, by the swatches they are very pigmented. I think for $10 you get 12 shades in each, they are very good value!.

The packaging is quite cute being in a tin, you also get a cute double ended brush which I thought was a nice detail instead of just the crappy sponge applicator. It made it feel more substantial. I do wish there was a mirror in the packaging though. But the packaging is sturdy and the eye shadows feel safe. It doesn't feel cheap.

Now onto the swatches

This is swatches of W7 In the buff, these were very smooth, hardly any fall out and very buttery. I liked this one better than in the nude for some reason. We will see how they apply on the eyes this week though.

This was swatches of W7 in the nude, and I just found them not as pigmented as the in the buff but maybe with a primer it will help on the eyes. Either way I'm glad I got them because for $10, you get 12 shades that are very popular and in demand at the moment and these two eye shadow pallets are very hard to find! so I was stoked to find them without even trying. 

Have you seen these before? used them? what are your thoughts? comment below!
hugs Jess

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