Thursday, March 26, 2015

wildlife owls, frogs, monitor lizards, snakes and more! Australian native zoo keeper day

Hello lovelies I had a different kind of school day yesterday where they had brought out some animals for us to see so I was able to get up, close and personal. It was a very cool session, they had reptiles, snakes and an owl. I love getting to be with any kind of animal and as some of you know, animals are my life.

So yesterday I got to hang out with an owl! 

its not the clearest of pics I think thanks to the lighting but it was still fun photobombing with an owl!!

They started out with this little frog, he is so pretty with his green and gold colouring, apparently he is a very rare type of frog. A golden tree frog is his species. I thought he was so cute looking out at us like that. The presenter was a son of the teacher we have at school so we were very lucky indeed to have him come, otherwise it costs a lot of money to have these talks.

This is a lace monitor and his name was Rippley, he was so cool and calm and really loved to be touched and petted by the students. I love these kinds of reptiles so it was awesome seeing something so unique.

This is a little turtle that they are breeding up in captivity because they are in very low numbers currently, he was holding him like that because underneath the belly is very soft and absorbs anything and he'd become sick if he touched things that he wasn't meant to touch.

This snake was really cool though I did forget his name, I think he was a python though and I love his patterns and stripes on him and he seemed so chilled out.

This little girl is a brush tailed possum and she is special because she actually breeds albino possums! her name is Hush and the keeper is really super attached to her as she is one of his favourites, I can see why because she is super cute.

This is a baby crocodile he has and he loves being held like a baby! how cute is that?

he has a bigger crock named 000 because he has huge teeth its why I'm showing the teeth up close here on this little guy. 

I adored seeing the owl as they are one of my most beloved birds of pray, she is a Barn owl and she was just lovely to look at.

So that folks was my day at class yesterday, I just adore anything and everything to do with animals, no matter what their size. What are your favourite animals? would love to know!! comment below.

Hugs Jess

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