Thursday, April 2, 2015

exciting haul featuring Urban decay eye shadow new york pallate! plus motd

Hello my lovelies! I've been fighting an illness all week and when I ventured out of the house yesterday for the second time this week to go to the doctors I stopped by my local thrift store just to see what they had. I always, always, always look in their make up/beauty section cause you never know what they may have. I was flawed, literally stonkered when I saw they had an original urban decay eye shadow pallete! I looked it up online and its the new york one, its pretty much brand new, so I guess the person who donated it didn't know what it was by the box? On the outside of the box it doesn't look that high end so I guess if you thought it was a jewellery box maybe you would donate it? that's the only way I can fathom it was there!!!

 I adore the packaging, the pop up city cut out of new york is very cute!! I just love the detailing. At first I thought it may have been a knock off product but looking on the back and inside its legit, urban decay. And as you can tell by the sticker I only paid $5.25 for it! and yes I'll be sterilizing it before using it but even the eye liners look brand new, not smudged or anything.
 I actually called my instagram friend @melanieejane_ as we've become friends and was like omg you cannot believe what I found in the salvo's!! she was like in shock as I was.  I also picked up a few more goodies from the opshop which I'll do a post on later on but the link to the haul video can be found here JessicaEllinVlogs haul video so if you can please subscribe and give it a thumbs up for me!!
 I also show the receipt that this came from the salvo's, to prove it for those that were wondering.
 It doesn't even look like the eye shadows have been swatched, let alone used and I'm just so stoked to have found it because sephora was selling it for I think $54.00usd.
I know its nearly winter in my neck of the woods but I wanted to give a peachy, coral look a go and I'm so glad I did, it looks rather pretty, my no make up look. What do you guys think?

do you guys go thrifting? found anything cool? please share let me know who's reading as I'd love to get to know you. 

Hugs Jess

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