Friday, April 3, 2015

getting to know me traditions

Hello lovelies and Happy Good friday to you all! today I am sharing with you my family tradition of how we celebrate Lent. We aren't religious however we do love spending quality time with one another and I think that's what counts.

So we started the day by spending it in our jammies for the most part which was lovely and relaxing, then I got dressed and this is my outfit that I wore today.

Just casual but nice, and I used my new urban decay make up pallet for the eye shadow look which I'll show here.

Super pretty colours, I used mainly greens and browns and the white to highlight so I am in love with this pallete.

I then fed the birds in the aviaries, this dove is sitting on two eggs!

chocolate and card giving time, to the family

 And then our traditional (for us) Lent dinner of cod, and vegetables, we always have this every Good Friday at my mother in laws. (This wasn't my serving it was for one of the men lol)

Hope you enjoyed getting to know our traditions and me a little further
hugs Jess

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