Saturday, April 11, 2015

Savvy by db mini make over packs from Priceline review and thoughts

So Savvy by db have brought out the little packages of goodness again and omg I am in love, they are similar to the pocket rockets of last year but this year they are called Mini make overs and they are $5 each. My first one I picked up was this packet right here purely because I was so interested in the liquid lipstick.

The shade of liquid lipstick is called Ballet and in the packaging it looked quite nude which was actually why I wanted it because its so on trend right now, and let me tell you it is pigmented! and extremely runny. So they aren't wrong in saying its a liquid but on the lips its a dream.

Nude shades don't normally suit me but because I'm now blonde, and this one has a slight peachy colour in it (and yes I do believe I applied way to much but it came out super fast so be warned) but they are so pigmented! they remind me of the ocd lip tars I believe they are called. They have other shades which I will be picking up.
I love the packaging, and I do wish they come in more shades but my local Priceline didn't seem to stock that many, I picked up this one because it was the last one of this one left. And as I said nudes are very in right now. The tube is sturdy, but I would highly recommend keeping it in a make up bag, either the one it comes with or another one because if it did get squished by something in your bag it would make a huge pigmented mess. I actually squirted out that much and its that pigmented that it stained my hand so be warned especially with the deeper shades, it washed off after two washes though.

Now onto the nail polishes, I was excited to see the little bottles as they made the deal a bit more value because some of the packages only come with two items. But these nail polishes are not very good quality even though they are very pretty. They lasted me a day before chipping.

This was straight after application, the pro's are they are very pretty shades, the lighter pink one held up much better than the darker shade. The was no streaking, and it applied opaque after one coat which at the time I thought it was too good to be true.

But after one day they chipped, and I don't think its worth it just for the nail polishes if that's what you are after, I'm getting the packs for the liquid lipsticks. And I guess for a day the nails can look pretty still. Maybe with a top coat it would last longer but I am lazy with my nails and generally just want it easy and to last on its own.

I do like the size of the bottles, I think they are quite a novelty little thing, and would be good for travelling.

over all not a bad deal for $5

what do you guys think have you seen them yet? let me know and please follow and share for more
hugs Jess

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