Saturday, April 4, 2015

w7 high definition foundation, w7 light diffusing concealer and w7 massive lashes mascara haul

Hello lovelies! I have a haul, I can't even say its a first impressions cause I only got these last night as I had to go to chemist wharehouse and get some medication for my husband. I picked up these three beauties for $10! I could have spent much more, but I restrained haha. So much for my spending band. Oh well, who can resist such a good deal?

W7 is one of the best drugstore companies out there in my opinion, most of their products are under $5 in Australia, except for their eye shadow pallets in the buff and in the nude and another pallete which I think was their painted pallete which was all $10. But still very good prices, they have also brought out a new selection of nail polishes but I digress.

why don't you grab a drink and sit and read awhile?
We have a frothing machine now and I've been addicted to using it of late but sorry I digress again! I do that when I'm excited heehee.

also check out my youtube prize I've won and unboxed in a video here
prize unboxing

ok now onto the goodies!

 The products I got were w7 cosmetics and its the high definition liquid foundation I got the shade buff, it seemed it was the lightest they had. I also got the massive lashes mascara, and the light diffusing concealer. I've not used a light diffusing concealer before so it will be actually interesting to see what it does as it intrigues me. I'm also all about big mascaras because I'm scared of using false lashes lol.
 The foundation I hope will be my shade, I did test in the store but the lighting was so off I couldn't quite work it out. But it looks light enough in the bottle. I also love that its a pump because I cannot stand pour out foundations. I generally don't buy the ones without a pump. So I just braved it and did swatches for you guys. I'm actually pleased with the colour, and the way it blended out on my wrist as well. My wrist is super pale compared to my actual face though but I'm certain it will match fine.

Here is what the wand looks like, and at first look it looks to be a dryer formula which I do prefer than a wetter formula in mascaras.

now I must admit I got the concealer purely on its packaging, I mean look how pretty it looks? other than light diffusing concealer it doesn't have that much info about it but I've done swatches and shown how it blends out on my hand.

 unfortunately it is a pen nib style one which I generally don't like because most of the cheaper drugstore ones have never actually worked for me but luckily this one was fine.
 It's actually quite a thick looking product so I I think it will go nicely under eyes and covering blemishes.
by that layer I believe its a coverage that you can build upon, so it looks like it might blur imperfections such as pores.

So that was my show and tell guys, Happy Easter and if you have used any of these products let me know in the comments! or if you haven't just tell me what you think about them, I love getting to know my readers.

Hugs Jess

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