Thursday, May 28, 2015

Designer brands by db girls night out competition and the story of Patches the rescued piggy

Hello lovelies I wanted to talk to you today about the rarity about finding a good friend and making the most of it. I met Mel on instagram originally and she's fast becoming one of my favourite people. Did she have a big following? is she a youtuber? nope, she's just a very genuine, down to earth girl that I have very similar interests with. We first started talking about thrifting, and make up as they are two of our passions. I've since gotten to know that Mel is very passionate about animals and lives on a property and is able to take in pets that need homing. She rescued her pet pig Patches, and Patches is not the typical miniature pig, she will grow up to a full size Sow. This pig is quite the character so I've been told. She's a housepig and is able to open doors and when she does she goes into Mel's room and eats her lush products!

Patches likes to eat products like these, and these.
 Rockstar soap by Lush

 This is the very beloved Patches and culprit! who was adopted because her mother died on another unknown farm and her life would have been endangered otherwise. She basically acts like a dog.
 This is the culprits owner Mel, we have such a lot in common and I'm thrilled to be telling you this story because we're going out tonight and I'll tell you how.
Not only does Mel love thrifting/opshopping as you can see here she found this snazzy dress in her local thrift store. She also loves hello kitty (like me) and she collects toys (like me) and adores make up (like me) but this is all besides the point.

Mel won us a competition that Designer brands were hosting on Instagram! she won us this girls night out and chose me to be her date.
 yup we get to go into the city for a girls night out hosted by Designer brands and we get free tickets to see the advance screening of Aloha, and a goodie parcel full of make up valued of $50!!  I was stoked and shocked Mel chose me to go with her.
 So far my morning has started out with coffee, planning my make up, accessories and I've already planned what to wear. Is anyone else like that where you have to plan things?
 Fox necklace from Target only $2 on sale! I love it
 Bracelet from Kmart 50cents on sale.
 A look at my make up I'll be wearing, Elf foundation, bys primer, essence go big mascara, covergirl liquid concealer, Maybelline fit me concealer, Australis on tour contour kit, Australis limited edition bronzed eyed girl palette that Mel gave to me!
 Face of Australia gel eye liner is my favourite current eye liner.

I'm so thankful to have met Mel and make friends with her, it sounds corny but it really is hard making genuine friends as you get older. Especially ones that understand the daily struggles of illnesses and the likes that we both struggle with I wont go into hers as that's her story but I'll go into more of mine at a later time, but for tonight I'll be vlogging where I can, taking lots of pics and enjoying it to the fullest! 

hugs and love 

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