Sunday, May 31, 2015

how to get more energy through your day is your body telling you something?

Hey lovelies! I've got a different type of post for you coming from a very wet Monday for the first day of Winter in Australia.

I was thinking about how we lack energy and what can cause it and what we need to do to make ourselves more efficient in our daily lives. I will give you a bit of a background story for this post. My studies were failing and I was feeling tired all of the time. I'm 31 in October so I shouldn't be feeling as if I need to sleep all of the time. Sometimes I can blame depression and mental health issues but sometimes I can't, such as this time.

less of this stuff

I was also having bone pain, and muscle pain and felt sore even without having done much. After losing 25 kilos last year I would have thought I'd felt healthier not worse!

But I went to the doctors and had blood tests, found my vitamin d was very low, as with my calcium and my thyroid was very underactive. So now I'm on a new diet, and medication and its helping wonders.

My shopping trolley/cart as of last night!

I can't stress how important it is to get those things checked. Especially for bone health, mental clarity and general happiness as all of these can cause problems such as depression, osteoporosis, brain fog and worse.

Since I've been on thyroid medication for a bit over a week I've noticed a difference already, my mind is clearer, I'm waking up better in the mornings. And I can concentrate better for longer.

I've also switched up my beverages less coffee and more herbal teas that have healthy benefits to them such as Lemongrass, licorice, cinnamon and mint.

I hope this has helped you to get a spark in your Monday morning, do let me know if you also suffer from any of these! comment below!

Hugs Jess

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