Tuesday, May 26, 2015

living with chronic pain part one

Hello my lovelies, I'm so sorry for not being around, I don't have a terribly exciting story that goes with the blogging break but basically life got in the way and I've been unwell. For someone who lives with chronic pain things can take a turn for the worse quite easily. I don't really like talking about it because I don't like to dwell on it, however I did want to write this post because I think it could educate some people on illnesses that don't really have a certain look to them and people think you look normal and healthy.

I've had people assume I'm a happy and outgoing person because that is the front I put on, I'm not faking it but its somewhat easier than having to be asked if I'm all right all the time. I've even had people act surprised when I've told them I have bipolar. So these illnesses that might seem like they aren't real to some, are in fact very real to those who suffer them. Its been a total learning curve for myself as well finding out what my body can handle, learning my triggers etc.

I believe that life happens for a reason, sometimes we can cope and sometimes we can't. Lately I haven't been coping that well. Recently been diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome and going through the rounds of doctors, and tests, and trying different medications have left me drained and not myself.

But things are improving, my great circle of friends have supported me, and I'm slowly picking myself back up. So I wanted to share with you some fun moments I have been able to have when feeling better.

 My friend Kiera trying the new vegemite cadburys flavoured limited edition chocolate today, I love this girl!

 Sally my bestie trying the chocolate today! I have a video on their reacitons it was hilarious
link here
link to the video of us eating the vegemite flavoured chocolate
 Treating myself to hot chips! they were so good!!
 my partners favourite dinner at the moment is homemade taco's, this is a shared platter. And I love making them.
 Seeing Royal night out with my girlfriend Angie, and saw this Minions sign thought it was so cute. Royal night out is a fantastic movie if you are into historical romances.
 When I've worked at the opshop and created a display of miniatures.
 I met my instagram friend Mel! and we're seeing each other again on Friday because she won tickets to the advance screening of Aloha and its hosted by Designer brands by db cosmetics company and we both get a $50 make up box worth of goodies!! so excited.

Video of meeting Mel my instagram friend can be found here
shopping at H&M meeting my instagram friend Mel
 outfit of the day hosted by my work All Sorts opportunity shop and this was pin up inspired look video can be found here pinup inspired outfit of the day video
 Mel and I were shopping at H&M and I was trying out hats

 Mel and me resting in the city
 Mel smelling the goodness at lush!
 I drank some good portwine!
Lush goodness!

So that's been my month basically. I'm going back to the doctors tomorrow to find out some results tomorrow. School has literally taken over at the moment and have been bombarded with school work and assignments. But I'm trying to get a balance in things. Keyword is trying.

So hopefully you'll see me being a bit more regular!! keep in contact, I'd love to see how you are going and you can find me
I post pics everyday!
I post most days

Lots of love
Hugs Jess

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