Friday, June 26, 2015

afterlight app review, How to take better photosgraphs on your iphone for blogging and instagram review on afterlight app

Hi all I'm writing today about something I enjoy doing a lot! instagram pictures and blogging pictures and how I edit them! I have an iphone5c however you can use any iphone and these tips will help you to create a good picture.

The tools you will need is an iphone that is capable of this app and the app is called Afterlight. Afterlight is a professional but user friendly app that can make the most mundane photo look stunning. Afterlight is not sponsoring me at all to write this, I am just in love with using this app and for its price point of $5.99 its a pretty good app!

First off lets choose our subject, I instagram a lot of coffee pics, people seem to like them a lot and its what I get the most likes off of. I love my coffee!

So this is how my coffee picture turned out this morning, I chose a spot that had really nice lighting, by my window, and as it was an overcast day it created a really nice quality of light. 

This is what I do to tweak it. 

This is what it looks like after cropping, it takes the picture noise from it and focuses on the actual picture so already much better.

I then adjust the brightness, clarify and contrast of the picture and it just creates a lovely focal point on the coffee with the shadows and light.

I add a filter, and there you go! easy as 1-2-3! afterlight is superb for transforming photos at a beginner friendly level and it even has intermediate functions. 

other examples

let me know if you have used afterlight, and what your thoughts are on it? I love how easy it is to use, how beginner friendly it is and how professional the most mundane photo can look!

hugs Jess

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