Wednesday, June 10, 2015

are you in a nail polish funk? notd nail makeover

Hi guys I was in such a nail polish funk lately that I haven't done my nails in two months! for someone who actually adores nail polish, this was a very long time! my nails were in such a state and I was getting sick of looking at them so I took the plunge and went with a colour I'm pretty sure I haven't used before.

Yup this is the colour, green! and I love it! its such an opaque colour that I had no trouble applying.The brand is O.P.I but I'm unsure of the actual shades name.

I adore this colour! it applied very evenly and well, no dragging or phishing. 

my application wasn't perfect as I've been away from doing this for such a long time but I love the brush that this nail polish has, neither too big nor too small.

So over all I really like this nail polish, I actually think its very similar to the Essence nail polish, 

Have you used a colour like this? I think its perfect for us fair skinned girls, I'm very pale and it compliments my skintone well. 

What did you think of this nail of the day?

hugs Jess

1 comment:

  1. This colour is amazing! I'm definitely painting my nails green next :D


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