Wednesday, June 10, 2015

How I wash and clean my make up brushes cruelty free beauty solution

Hi guys today I have a bit of a different post for you! I want to show you how I clean my make up brushes. I don't use nastmy chemicals, or pre bought specialists things and my product I used is dirt cheap and works every time, leaving no residue and my brushes feeling softer and cleaner than ever!

It's under $5 too!

As the product says its Herbon botanical soap,
The product 

What do I use? 
an organic soap that has no sulfates in it and no parabens or colours or anything unnatural in it that would be likely to damage the bristles. I mainly use synthetic brushes as I find them cheaper and easier to use in general. My favourite brush of all time is my Kabuki brush by nude by nature so that gets a lot of useage! I use that every time I apply foundation.

How often should I clean my brushes? I have to admit I am rather a lazy sod when coming to wash my brushes but I've given myself a promise to do it at least once a week. Our brushes do a lot of work so at a minimum you should do it once a fortnight.

How do I dry them? 
You can buy brush guards for this purpose but so far I've never had any trouble with keeping the bristles in shape with this process. I wash them, rub  them gently in a dry towel, then sit them up right in their container to dry overnight.

So that's what I do to wash and clean my brushes! I don't have top notch brushes but I do want to look after them so I get to keep them longer and not get any nasties on my face.

How do you wash your brushes?

Hugs Jess

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