Friday, June 5, 2015

long weekend perfect one pan brunch or anytime of day food!

Hello lovelies today I am sharing with you another meal idea that is superb for the long weekend and for having an easy time with families and friends. This is also great if you go camping as it can be easily adapted. Its a winner in my family, is affordable, easy and very tasty for these cold winter nights! can also be eaten any time of the day also!

I call it my one pan fry up adapt the amount by adding or omitting
1 green capsicum
can of baked beans
8 sausages
2 rashers of bacon
6 leaves of silver beet
6 eggs
butter or oil
salt and pepper

Start by frying up the eggs sunny side up remove from pan onto plate and wait until later
Cook sausages in pan with butter or oil, add salt and pepper and then when cooked add chopped bacon and fry up.

Add baked beans to the mix, add silver beet, capsicum, and cook for approx 6 minutes. Add eggs on top and serve!


Let me know if you are enjoying my cooking snippet! let me know if you try this and or will do so in the future.

Happy long weekend

Hugs Jess

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