Saturday, June 13, 2015

more soaps that I think are just as good as lush! lushalikes! lush dupes soaps

Hi guys I have another post because my soap collection is growing, I have a supermarket near by that stocks the most gorgeous soaps, they are mostly organic, natural and skin loving soaps, and most don't test on animals and are super cheap.

 I got the Thursday plantation tea tree soap, the Colavita soap which is infused with olive oil, the Red seal propolis and honey soap and the lemon myrtle soap. I used today the red seal propolis and honey and the lemon myrtle soap.
 They are all under $5 each, seriously cheap and good value, I cut these in half because they are large bars.
 The lemon Myrtle one is amazing! its scent literally fills up my bathroom not only my nostrils but has left me feeling fresh and revitalised. The propolis and honey one I not only used on my face and body but I used it on my hair and I cannot believe the results.
 It's left my face feeling soft and loved, because I am very lazy at moisturising, and having dry skin I know I should. It's left my hair shiny and frizz free! basically like a hair mask without the effort!
The lemon myrtle oneis the top one, with the scrubbie bits in it, they feel gentle enough on my skin but I am used to the harder scrubs.

The honey propolis one is my favourite so far!
let me know your lush dupes?
hugs Jess

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