Thursday, June 18, 2015

Reward yourself to keep yourself motivated, living with chronic pain

So today I wanted to write to you about trying to keep up with life in general. When I try, my chronic pain kicks me in the butt, and it reminds me that I need to do things my way, not how I'd really like to have it done.

At the moment I'm struggling with school, and had to catch up on approx 8 hours worth of study as its due tomorrow. I wonder do I actually learn from my mistakes? or is it just my pain barriers in my way? sometimes its hard to actually know the difference.

But to make things easier I do things throughout the day that I enjoy, no matter how down I'm feeling or how unable to achieve things. I do one good thing, then one less good thing and it helps to keep motivated and on track.

Today for example my list of things were small but my motivation to do them was 0. I had to make the bed, clean the bathroom, clean a weeks worth of dishes, do one load of washing and bring a load in, do 4 hours worth of study, feed animals and cook dinner. Oh and I had to clean out a rabbit cage and move a rabbit into a different cage, for which he headbutted me in the chin!

It doesn't sound like that much but when motivation is down this is what I do
every half hour I take a 5 minute break. I time myself using my timer on my iphone
if I'm feeling really drained I'll have a few minutes outside in the fresh air to actually help me wake up.

these guys motivate me to get up even though my brain is saying stay in bed

I reward myself, for every hour of study that I do I get a 10 minute break of watching something on youtube or netflix.

If I did the dishes and cleaned up both sides of the sink, I can have what I'm feeling like for dinner and that's toasted cheese sandwhiches because normally I don't eat much cheese and lately I've been craving it!

Tomorrow I have an exam for legal studies and I'm rewarding myself on Saturday night some drinks as I'm getting a bottle of red wine for after.

I also stayed in jammies yesterday as I love to do that, that was my reward for doing more study!

How do you reward yourself for tasks you know are hard but still need to do them?

hugs Jess

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