Thursday, June 25, 2015

ulta3 illuminating foundation, cc cream and felt tip eye liner first impressions

Hello all! today I am so excited to be showing you my latest make up haul! it is from the ULTA3 make up range, I purchased their illuminating and oil free foundation in  the shade ivory, I also purchased their felt tip eye liner in blackest black, their concealer in light and colour correcting cream in light medium.

 I believe they were under $10 each, I popped into the local chemist that sold these as I was about to buy some cold medicine, I was thinking of just purchasing their foundation, but I couldn't decide and got them all!
I am actually really happy I did, the cc cream basically works like a really nice base, it can be worn by itself or with a foundation. The foundation itself I think is my new favourite! it illuminates really micely and is the perfect colour. The concealer is really creamy, but my favourite out of the lot is the felt tip eye liner!

 I love that this comes in a glass pump and it feels nice, and not cheap. The formulation is lovely, not too runny and not too thick, perfect shade for light skinned gals like me.
 I don't think I have actually used a cc cream before! and I was really surprised that it covered all my redness! The swatch is on top of the foundation, the one closest to my actual hand.
 The concealer blends out really nicely and is super creamy, I'm rather happy with it though you do need to use a fair bit of it to get a good pigmentation.
Last but not least is the new felt tip eye liner pen I got! omg though the pigmentation in it is one of the blackest I've used and its so fluid! one of the best eye liners I have used for a long time, it also didn't smudge at all after it dried on my hand.

So some good first impressions there, have you used these products at all? what did you think?

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