Saturday, July 4, 2015

How did you spend your Saturday? an adventure of two besties

Hello all I thought I'd share with you my day out with a girlfriend whom I met on instagram! I've introduced Mel before I belive. We've been on several outings to the city, each being fun and entertaining.

So we went shopping and did the usual girlie stuff and had loads of fun! Mel just cracks me up, one of the most genuine girls I know.

 Shopping at lush, I finally bought the rockstar soap! its so lovely, I'm addicted to it!

 all of the pretty products of course.
 cute random artwork at Melbourne central,
 Lunch on a cold winters day,
 Checking out touristy stuff like the State library,
 Architecture of Melbourne Central is stunning,
cute cafe's 
 shopping at H&M

 Melbourne is such a fun and vibrant city, even on a  cold gloomy Winters day, but with the right person it can be fun and enlightening!
Two girls enjoying time together, how did you spend your Saturday?

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