Wednesday, July 29, 2015

making your hair look healthier after its been coloured review Revlon Color Silk beautiful colour

Hi lovelies I wanted to come at you today with a post about my new favourite hair colour! its a new one by Revlon, $9 from Coles supermarket. My hair has been lacking in late since I bleached and coloured it, after a break it needed some tlc and then a new colour, I thought this will be a good and effective way of colouring since I can get two packets for under $20.

 I've been disappointed by box colours before, however the revlon colour silk one is really good, it almost covers my whole head with one application. Which is saying something as I always almost need 2 packets for my thick hair.
 It penetrates deep into the hair, unlike most other hair dyes which only lies on the surface of the hair and doesn't take that well. It gives a good all over colour that actually looks professional, I had compliments yesterday at work about my hair!
 This is my new favourite conditioner, after reading some reviews I had to go and buy it, at Coles they had Palmolive on special for $2.46 so I bought both shampoo and conditioner, my hair is coarse and dry so it needs all the love it can get.
 after applying it, leaving to wait for an hour, and then rinsing and conditioning, I am so happy with the results.
This was the before, as you can tell it was sorely in need of some tlc and care, I'm so happy with the results as I was actually starting to hate my hair.

This photo was taken a couple of days before with my bunny Indy who is 9 years old and blind.

Have you been impressed with box dye colour products?
Hugs ess

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