Monday, July 13, 2015

my favourite urban decay eye shadow palettes

Hi loves! today I thought I would share with you my two favourite palettes from Urban decay that I own! I adore these palettes and I will show you why.

 I purchased this just before last Christmas as Sephora was having a sale and my girlfriend lived in America at this time. I paid $40 for this baby! and am so freaking delighted with this palette as its everything its cracked up to be. I saved $20 for this palette which as a bargain hunter I'm super thankful for. This palette was my first ever high end purchase and as such I am a huge Urban decay fan!
 The second palette I was actually lucky enough to have found it at a thrift store! still brand new. It's the urban decay new york palette. It's limited edition, and I love it for everyday use, Urban decay has seriously become my favourite high end brand to date. I also have tried Benefit, Stilla and Dior, and Clinique but so far Urban Decay has won my heart.
 They always out do themselves on packaging presentation, the Vice 3 is no exception! but look at the cuteness that is the Nyc palette.
 all the eye shadows blend well, there's not a single colour I don't like, and the versatility of these palettes are endless! brights, mattes, shimmers and nudes.
 You get sixteen eye shadows in the nyc palette, and can easily attain great looks with these shades!
 you also get the purple eye liner, and black eye liner and a mini sample of primer potion!
And you get 20 eye shadow shades with the vice palettte, you also get the eye shadow brush.

I love these palettes so much! have you tried Urban decay?

hugs Jess


  1. lovely post, happy Friday! :)

  2. I love the Vice 3 too, but I love my Naked palette the most!



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