Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Savvy by db eye shadow brushes kit review

Hi guys I hope you are well, I'm putting up my review on the eye shadow brushes I've purchased from Priceline, they are $10 and a super affordable starter kit or even great for your own personal use if you don't want to spend a heap on brushes or tools. This is the Savvy by db eye shadow brush kit.

They are super soft and feels great on the skin, comes with all the brushes you need to create some amazing eye shadow looks.

 It comes with a crease brush- blending brush, eye shadow brush, eye liner brush and smudger brush.
 They feel actually pretty good for a $10 set of brushes, I picked up recently a pack of Nude by nature brushes and they were similar in softness for synthetic brushes.

Over all I'm very happy with the pricepoint and quality of these brushes, they came in two shades, gold and pink, I chose pink.

It really does help with creating some cleaner looks, and more diffused eye shadow looks, great tools for a great value price! 

have you tried these? 
Hugs Jess

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