Friday, July 31, 2015

Three legit ways to make money online

Hi guys, today I wanted to post about something a little different, its something I am quite excited about because who doesn't want a bit extra of this? what I'm talking about... is money. And how to legit make money online that isn't scams, fakes, or ones that you need to spend money to make money.

We all know that usually signing up for these things, end up in scam, or you are disillusioned as to what you thought it was. I believe that we should be working smarter not harder and we should be able to get some more bang for our buck.

First off, if you are a beauty blogger or someone who writes then this site is for you! Really Ree actually pays per article they publish, and they published one of mine! I got paid $25 euro's they send it out in gift card format so its pretty cool. My article can be found here Really Ree website

The second tip is, join Mysurvey my partner does these and so far he's earned $100 in gift cards just for completing online surveys. It's slow but at least every few weeks he gets something back for it.

Do make up trials! they pay per trial after you have successfully answered the online questions! I got paid $40 via paypal plus I got to keep two make up brushes and the product I tested.

So these are three easy ways that will make you money if you try! you won't make a fortune but you wont lose money either! have you tried these? let me know if they have worked or if you have any other ways of making money!

hugs Jess

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