Sunday, August 30, 2015

Elf flawless finish foundation blog review

 Hello lovelies! today I am reviewing one of my favourite drugstore foundations! ELF is a popular brand. On the Australian website this retails at $12 so not a bad price for a foundation that is medium, to full coverage, a nice tone in colour, and one that is oil free, and has spf 15 in it, which for lazy girls like me, is brilliant.
 I actually love its packaging, a glass bottle, with a plastic pump and cap. Easy to dispense, gives the right amount, and its a nice consistency, not too thick, not too thin, I also use this like a concealer for spot correcting. I love the fact that this foundation is actually, oil free. Great for those oily skin girls but also great for the dry skin girls who have to give their skin some extra care but don't want their foundation sliding off.
 It's a great size for travelling with as well, it wont make a mess in your handbag/make up bag, its a little smaller than most foundation sizes. I really enjoy the coverage that this foundation gives! you don't have to use a lot either and it layers well. Lasting power is approx 6 hours on my skin before I start seeing it coming off.
I've been wanting a good every day foundation and I believe I have found it! I will happily keep reaching for it in my current favourites drawer. There are only 6 shades in the range and luckily I am reasonably easy to colour match in the lighter skin tone range.

overall I love this foundation! have you used this?
let me know your thoughts!
Hugs Jess

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