Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fragrance reviews my top three Rhiana, Taylor Swift and Choose Chichi

Hello lovelies! today on this relaxing Sunday morning I am coming at you with three of my favourite scents that I have been rotating as of late.

The three I have been using this past couple of months are all very different in scents, styles and prices. They are Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, Choose Chi Chi Eau De Parfum in Peach and Mango, and Rhiana Rebelle.
Looking at the bottles you might think that Rhiana or Taylor Swift was the most expensive out of the lot. However I paid only $20 for the Wonderstruck perfume when Priceline was having a perfume sale. I paid $8 for the Rhiana bottle and $10 for the Choose chichi one because it was in a gift set of body lotion and shower gel, and it was on clearance at Target, perfume bottles alone by Chichi cost $19.

I have been getting into perfumes as of late and have a growing collection, however these three are lovely for different occasions. Rhiana was launched in 2012, She has been an up and coming favourite in the fragrance world, choosing many different scents, notes, undertones and styles to accompany the amazingly well styled bottles.

According to my research Rebelle was Rhiana's second fragrance, an exotic scent that lingers, and is inspired by her heritage, her Barbadian heritage.

An addictive, sensual fragrance, one that I adore because over time it warms up on the skin and changes.

Taylor Swift, wonderlust I fell in love with because at the time of it launching I fell in love with Taylor Swifts music, Shake it off. I love wearing this going out on special occasions. The bottle is stunning, a strong holographic purple with changes in tones of blues and darker mauves. Three charms, and a very nice font on the front. The scent is sweet, showing off Vanilla, Raspberry, and apple blossom scents. I love wearing this every day and to change it up with the Choose ChiChi peach and Mango perfume.

I love this scent, its a fab all rounder that is better than a body spray, layered with the body gel and lotion it lasts all day, it even lasts on its own. Last Christmas I was given a box of organic mango's and after smelling them I was wanting a perfume that smelled just as good and this one delivered, more mango than peach which I was thrilled about.

What perfumes have you been trying? anything I need to look out for? have you used these?
hugs Jess

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