Saturday, August 22, 2015

how to get brighter and whiter teeth for free!

Hello all, today I did an experiment and I made my own home made charcoal to see if charcoal really works to clean and whiten your teeth. I read that you can make water purifiers out of charcoal as well so I am making an educated guess that it is safe to use, probably activated charcoal is best but I'm being cheap.

 To make charcoal I used burnt some paper, and waited until it cooled. Mashed it up with a fork and then added a little bit of water.
 This was the before of how my teeth looked, not too crash hot as I am a coffee and wine addict haha.
 I swished it in my mouth for a good 15 minutes, similar to how you oil pull, swish it around like you would with mouthwash. I then washed my mouth out, and brushed my teeth.
 I'm actually surprised this worked! I can see a subtle difference in my teeth, they are brighter, a little bit whiter too. Being a natural diy that didn't cost me anything I was truly surprised.
have you guys tried this method? has it worked? what other diy's would you like to see?
Hugs Jess

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