Sunday, August 9, 2015

Japanese candy time!

Hi lovelies, today I have an interesting food related post! its Japanese candy called Umaibo and its puffed corn snack in different flavours, I had 8 flavours, I purchased from Daiso in the city when I went on Saturday to see my friend Mel.

 I paid $2:80 for 10 of them, and they were actually very interesting flavours, from the taste and some of the pictures I could work it out but I can't read Japanese. Umai is mostly translated into Tasty. Which generally describes these puffed snacks well. Bo means stick in Japanese, so Umai Bo when translated is Tasty stick lol.
 A corn based tube that is full of different flavouring powders to give them each a different and unique taste. The Salami one was interesting, that's the first yellow one that's been open,  it smelled more of salami than tasting of it.

My favourite one was the salad one, and the chocolate one,

have you tried these?
let me know!
hugs Jess

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