Thursday, August 20, 2015

nature can be cruel

Hi loves! today I have a sad but also surrreal story to tell, I was walking home, and it was a lovely sunny afternnoon. I'd just finished my shift at work and was just making my way back after picking up some groceries. I stumbled upon a possum that had been presumably hit by a car, she was dying, there was sadly nothing I could have done for her, and she took her last gasp as I arrived. Knowing her death was recent, I took a closer look, her pouch moved!

Luckily I had because three new born possums were in her pouch and were still alive! I was close to home so I scooped them up and raced home. Once home I called my friend Shelley because I don't drive and needed to get them to a vet to get them to warmth and actual care, I'm not experienced with possums.

possum vlog

The vet said they would try but because they were only approx about 2 days old there wasn't much chance, I'm going to call up in a day to see what's happened, lets wish these little possums luck!

any experiences like this?

hugs Jess

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