Thursday, September 17, 2015

Avalon organic lavender eye gel for sensitive skin

So as we are beginning to creep our way into Summer, I've been upping my game in skin care and this means I've added a new step into my routine. In little under three weeks I will be 31 years old though everyone says I look 20 haha. So I think my skincare routine has something to do with that so that makes me happy. I have noticed however more finer lines under the eyes and my make up creasing more. I also have sensitive skin that reacts to a lot of product, so I had to be careful with what I chose. I have come up with a good un!

 This is an all natural, organic eye gel, that smooths the contours of the eye, leaving it feeling fresh, calm, and pampered. It's non greasy, absorbs quickly and is fast acting on puffiness. I use this of a night time. I find it really helps to ease darkness on the eyes, especially the inner corners of my eyes as they tend to look blueish in the morning if I don't use this.
 Even though it has lavender in it, it doesn't smell like lavender, I was worried it was going to smell for a lack of a better term like my grandmother. I find it slightly tingling on the eyes though nothing drastic, I know its working when its doing that. I also found I can put it on my lips and it smooths the contours and lines.
over all an interesting little step as I'm so so lazy when it comes to skincare. I like the packaging, its a handy little pump bottle. I also love that its cruelty free and made from natural based and derived products.

What skin care tips have you all got for me?

hugs Jess

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