Saturday, September 19, 2015

blogging process inspiration, photos and editing

Hi all! today I'm still sick with bronchitis, however I'm on the mend with hot tea, antibiotics, and netflix. I must admit my days revolve two out of three of these things on a usual basis however one can't complain of being looked after.

So today I am talking to you about my blogging process! I did actually have to think about this for awhile. Some days it comes easy to me, others not, today was a kinda in between day for inspiration ha ha.

1. Inspiration usually comes from a list that I have typed up in a spread sheet, yes I know, it sounds very organized but really I'm not. It just makes it easier to see what I haven't written yet, what seems to be trending and what I actually want to write about.

2. How long does it take me to write?
It basically depends on the subject, I  may have to do some research on the product or subject, I sometimes write about mental illness, and I sometimes write about food, or beauty products. It basically depends how well I know that subject. Then I write a brain storm down in a note pad to get my thoughts into gear. I need to have a basic outlay of what I'm writing so I can bulk out the rest of it. Usually it comes down to planning, inspiration and then the actual doing So it can take anywhere from half an hour, a week, or an hour to create.

I must admit I can be lazy on this, however I am getting better! this just comes with perseverance not necessarily being great at grammar and spelling. Plus that little icon for spell check in blogger really does come in handy! I also then check format, and see if everything looks all right, and flows nicely together.

4. photos and how I take them
I used to take mine on a actual compact camera however I now use my iphone 5s solely for taking photos because of the apps that I have You can find my how I edit photos post here in my afterlight review however I will be doing an updated process soon as I don't use that app anymore.
how I edit photos

5. engagement
I have been editing my photos more with text lately because that is a way of gaining engagement on your blog. Text really captures the reader, and hopefully gets them to stick around! I then either in the middle of the post ask a question of the readers thoughts, and then the same at the end of the post.This really helps round out the blog post

6. Promote, promote, promote social media express!
once all is done, and I'm happy, I press that little share button! I also share on my facebook page facebook page, instagram instagram twitter twitter I don't schedule, but I'm actually thinking I might start doing so, I have found that certain times on instagram seems to get more views. Usually in the afternoon for me and usually food posts.

so what are your processes for blogging? how long does it take you? any photo tips?

so that's basically it for my process! I hope it has helped, and enlightened you amazing readers! do let me know in the comments below!

hugs Jess

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