Friday, September 11, 2015

Designer brands by db eternal youth peptides, q10 skin care review my skin care routine.

So my skin needs a little bit of loving and care at the moment, I swear sometimes I think I'm going through puberty vs 2.0 because of the spots, breakouts and scarring. It's nothing major but at age 30, nearing 31 I thought I would have been over that. However not so! with the never ending hormonal breakouts, left over red marks, large pores, I've always had trouble with my skin. However I've found a solution that won't break the bank, has all the latest science technology in it and is cruelty free, and in Australia!

 It is the Designer brands by db eternal youth skin care rang, I didn't know either that db did skin care! until I stumbled across a bargain bin with these products at $5 a pop. I love it because its soap free, has skin loving ingredients in it such as rose water, as well as aloe vera!
 it also has q10, peptides and antioxiddants, but most of all what I love is that its gentle on my skin so its not feeling sore, irritated, or needing to get rid of that tight feeling I sometimes get after having to remove make up etc.
Says its suitable for all skin types, mine is combination sensitive skin so as I haven't had any reactions to this I do believe that claim. I also love that db is a cruelty free brand featured in Australia.

The cleanser has vitamins A, B3, C and e, the toner is alcohol free, helps tighten pores, leaving the skin looking fresh and more refined. The night cream doesn't say much on it however I know I like it and also use it as a day cream because my skin is chronically dry at the moment and it has cured that!

You get 150ml in the cleanser and toner, and in the cream you get 50ml. I am running out and will be  sad when its finished as I haven't seen it again in stock.

Have you tried this range? did you like it?

hugs Jess

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