Wednesday, September 16, 2015

five things I have learned about blush! confessions of a make up addict

Hi lovelies, today I have a fun post because I've come to realise that came somewhat as a surprise to me because I never thought I'd be obsessed with blush, ever! someone suffering from rosacea like myself will understand this. So for me to now have a collection that is somewhat starting to take over my bathroom drawers this had me thinking about what I have learned about blush. I have however come to understand a little more about the blushes tricky ways.

Thing number 1.
You need to work out how to apply blush on you, yes you can watch thousands of videos on youtube but your face is yours. Its yours for a reason. Every face shape is different, I have also found some techniques don't work for me and others do, so its really a trial and error with blush. Also using the right size brush helps, if you have a small face why use a big brush? I use the elf tapered brush for applying my blush and highlighter and it works perfectly. Before I was using a complexion brush and didn't have as much control. You could even use a good stippling brush, or kabuki brush, I also use the elf kabuki brush.

Thing number 2. 
Finding your perfect shade is a must! I tend to go towards cool toned pink shades, because I have a yellow based foundation that drains out all colour. So I find that having a pink shade that isn't too red looking can help breathe back life into my otherwise sallow looking skin! but if its not working for you try peach, or another shade! the thing with blush is that there are a hundred and one different shades and hues out there. I do love a dusty rose blush too give a healthy hue about my cheeks. The right shade depends on your skintone, playing around is key.

Thing number 3.
Before I started in the journey of make up, foundations were my staple, now I always add blush, and I have a growing number of cream blushes as well. They are the most natural on the skin, can be set with a powder blush to give more oomph and perfect for the beginner out there. I find these really versatile because you can use them also on the lips and eyes, but do test for lip safe use first. Cream blushes are a really good option for travelling with too as many are found in stick form.

Thing number 4. 
Blushes do not have to be expensive to be good! I've got $2 blushes that are fantastic! bys cosmetics do great blush, as do W7, Face of Australia, and MUD. I find that as long as you work out how pigmented they are you can work with anything. My favourites at the moment are Hard candy, Milani, Face of Australia and bys.

Thing number 5.
Have fun with it! make up is make up after all! and that's what it is there for, I have found you can get way too serious about a certain product. I think as long as you are being you, and that's what should matter! go for colours that are not on trend, do what makes you happy. After all its your money you are spending.

Have you found these tips helpful at all? got any to share?

hugs Jess

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