Thursday, September 3, 2015

MOTD and mini ulta3 argon oil primer review! glowy and healthy make up the perfect drugstore primer for dry skin

Hi all! I'm showing my motd that I came up with this morning, as I'm super happy with how it all pulled together. I will first run through the products I used, I used 9 products in total to get this glowy and healthy look. I wanted an everyday sort of pretty look, as today I'm just doing some shopping and running errands.

the products are 

Hard candy blush
Db designer brands glam eye shadow glutch
estee lauder pure colour lipstick
profusions bb lip balm
Ultraflesh bronzing metalica
Loreal Manga mascara
W7 hd foundation
Ulta 3 concealer
Ulta 3 argan oil primer
Ulta 3 felt tip pen eye liner

This is swatches of the eye shadow! I love, love, love this palette, a great mix of metalics, satins and mattes. I use this on a weekly basis, and love how pigmented and easy to blend they are even though there is a little fall out as you can see on the pan.

the clutch is a handy size, and is very sturdy, I got this on clearance at my local chemist, and am so happy with the quality of the shadows. I also used the lightest shade in the pan as a hightlight! it worked so well, it really woke the skin up and brightened my under eyes.

I love and always tend to gravitate towards these kinds of shades! I just seem to use these shades most. Is anyone else like that? what shades do you tend to use?

 The eye shadows look fantastic with a primer, I just dabbed a little of the argon oil primer on the lids and waited until it dried to a tackier finish.
The bronze metalica is the perfect bronzer shade for my skintone! and the blush just gives it an overall healthy flush of colour.

What make up looks have you been wearing?

hugs Jess

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