Sunday, September 27, 2015

what bloggers really think when out and about in real life

Hi guys hope you are all well? today's post is about what bloggers really think when out and about in real life, meaning when we are about either shopping, with friends, or in general life's everyday setting. I will endeavour to explain my thoughts.

1.When we are out having coffee
Sometimes you just don't have a camera on you, the perfect coffee (mine is a latte) and you are at a chic and trendy cafe with a hot waiter. I generally take my photos with my iphone, I always try and snap pics of my food, aka food porn, and if I can't I get very frustrated and think why?

2. When you are out shopping and the bargain of the century comes about
I've seen pictures of when shops are having sales, pretty clothing racks, and make up displays, or home wares grab me. I'm always sad if I'm in too much of a rush to take a few photos, to share via blog or instagram. It's just how my mind works, I love telling people about a good deal when and where I can!

3. Feeling really awkward but having to pose in public for a ootd
I generally don't do fashion posts however sometimes the time comes, I either am in a trendy spot, or an artsy area and my mind goes but there are so many people! really takes some dutch courage some times to get up and strike a pose.

4. Being out at a social event and no one wants photos! 
This greatly annoys me, I get it that some can be camera shy but all of my girlfriends hate being in front of the camera, I tend not to care, and if I can't get a good shot when I'm out at an event or what have you I always tend to think, why am I even here? On the other spectrum it annoys me when people are randomly in shots.

5. When you are out  and see the cutest dog or animal and can't get a shot! 
I hate it if I'm in the car and see a really cute dog, and it feels so weird because I'm thinking aww I wish I could get a photo of that!

are any of you this way inclined in thinking?

hugs Jess

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