Saturday, October 3, 2015

Customizing skin oils for beautiful skincare

Skin and hair oils have become very popular in the blogging community as of late, and with the weather changing I thought it was a good time to test it out. I bought these aromatherapy oils recently and whilst they aren't marketed towards topical uses, if you read the ingredients and check that they are all natural and essential oils, it is perfectly safe to use.

I purchased The relax blend, which has blended vegetable oil, essential oil, lavender, geranium, bergamont and orange. It smells heavenly and these mixes have great properties for the skin. It absorbs quickly, and leaves my skin feeling velvety soft and plush. When your skin needs some extra nourishment this does the job. I also find that using oils, leaves my foundation application looking more flawless, and I need to use less primer.

Next I purchased Lavender and this contains Blended vegetable oils, lavender and essential oil. This says do not use undiluted on the skin and thus I mix 1 to 2 drops with a little water and it works perfectly well. I also love lavender oil in my hair as a frizz fix. It leaves my hair shiny and healthy looking in seconds without the greasy or heavy after effects of a hair product.

I find that preventative treatments for skincare is crucial! and really is better than a cure because a cure might not suit everyone. I use skin oils at night, so it has time to absorb, and help heal any areas. I use a day cream during the day.  I find that using oils helps the texture of my skin, as I tend to get rough or uneven areas around my nose and mouth. This brand is actually made in Australia and their website is Pastelpines website

what oils do you use?

hugs Jess

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