Monday, October 19, 2015

getting those greens in diet update V8Juice

So today I'm starting on a juice fast hopefully will last 3 days, this is day one and I thought I'd update my stats and what I'm doing exactly. I've purchased 3 bottles of v8 juice mainly cause of the convienance and the fact they were on sale for $3.50 a bottle at Coles Supermarket when I did the shopping last night. My current weight loss has been good but I've been stagnent for awhile and I thought this would boost my metabolism.

Height:  173cm
Weight: 85kg approx 6 kgs overweight
Weight loss to date: 29kg

So I bought 3 flavours of the v8 jusice,
the Purple power one, the healthy greens one, and the low sodium vegetable one

So this morning I had
Peppermint tea
3 glasses of water
one glass of green v8 Juice

The taste of the green v8 juice was mostly apple however it had slight notes of kale, cucumber and spinach so it was very refreshing. I actually liked the taste of it.

For Lunch I had a cup of the low sodium vegetable one which kinda tasted like cold tomato soup, so I think I might reserve that one for dinner and heat it up. It was good, but a little weird cold as I'm not used to tomato juice as a flavour.

I'll allow myself 1 cup of coffee no sugar, and maybe a little splash of almond milk.

For dinner I'll either have the purple power juice or a cup of steamed vegetables or maybe both depending on how hungry I feel after work!

So this is my diet plan at the current time, I'll be on my feet all afternoon, and will go for a brisk walk around the lake later on.

Let me know how yours are going if your on a diet, and lets support each other! follow me on instagram and twitter for more updates


big hugs

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