Saturday, October 3, 2015

Maybelline Babe skin pore eraser blog beauty product drugstore review

Hello all! now if you are in Australia or an AFL football fan, you will have known that it was indeed the grand finals. I spent it by doing a bit of pre birthday shopping as my birthday is on Tuesday and I'm turning the grand age of 31 cough erm 13. But anyways that's not what I want to talk about! no of course I start this post by digressing haha its what I do best.

I want to talk to you about my favourite primer ever! now, I never used to be on the primer train because I really didn't think they did much. But I've been using this one and am in lurve with this product!

Maybelline Babe Skin Pore Eraser! yup this tiny little tube has made me fall in love with adding another ritual to my make up application. This is actually a product I have fallen back in love with because, you know how it goes, you purchase others and, go meh not really into them, and then go ---back to old faithful.

well that's me in a nutshell with favourite make up products! are any of you the same? It reminds me not to be so quick to buy products when I need to finish old products up heehee.

It's a slippery gel when applied first onto clean skin, but then when worked into the skin feels more like the typical primer. It really helps set the foundation, today was a 30 degree c day here in Melbourne and my foundation didn't need a touch up and I was out and about.

I find it really does help disguise fine lines, pores and minimises large pores as well so I'm thrilled about that, ageing really can be combated slightly with this product.

It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, and looking less cakey and more refined so that really pleases me.

Have you tried this product yet? what are your thoughts?

Hugs Jess

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