Saturday, October 17, 2015

my thoughts on the Australis cream contour kit in light! cruelty free Australian beauty cheekbonesonfleek!

Hi lovelies, hope you are all doing well I went shopping the other day and some of you may know I have a huge obsession with contouring at the moment! I have about 5 contour palettes of different shapes and sizes from different brands. Well as I was browsing Priceline the other day, I noticed they had the much coveted Cream contour kit by Australis. I also saw that it was only $16.95 at the time which I didn't think about until today after my friend Mel told me its actually $24.95 so I actually think they had it wrongly priced! Sorrynotsorry for that little accidental bargain! haha.

It comes in very sleek packaging, the same type as the original powder one except now it has a mirror, only problem is, that the mirror doesn't really hold up on its own too well, but I generally do my make up in the bathroom anyways. But why can't a company get the dang mirror right in the first place lol. That's probably my only problem with it.

You get the typical six shades, 3 light and 3 dark, all ranging in different shades for different correcting reasons. This has been so highly raved about on instagram that I just had to get mine, the same reason why I bought the powder one as well heehee. However the shades are very pigmented, and quite creamy, I've heard some say that it drags on their skin however I haven't had that problem as I apply it with my fingers after warming it up slightly. Then I blend it all out with a Chichi Beauty blender.

I find warm shades actually suit my skintone better however I don't know about what cooler skin tone people will think with these shades. I love the banana shade, its fantastic at brightening the eyes and hiding dark circles.

so far this is only still quite new to me, I've never tried cream contouring before this so I'm still learning, I've only just got the hang of powder contouring and then they bring on this new trend! still I had to get it, what do you guys think of this new cream contouring trend? is it a hit, or a miss?

hugs Jess

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