Monday, October 5, 2015

September favourites where did September go?!

Hello all! as today is the 5th of October I thought I'd share with you some of my September favourites! I've been loving using these and can't wait to see what October brings, especially as the 6th is my 31st birthday so you can expect some birthday shopping!

Anyways lets get started, first off Maybelline the nudes eye shadow palette! I've grown rather fond of this drugstore item. It's easy to use and you can create so many looks. I just adore how many shades there are, they are blendable, pigmented and an all around great palette.

Maybelline Master sculpt in light
I love using this on light make up days to give a little definition, one of my faves. I'm getting somewhat addicted to contour palettes even though I'm not the best at contouring! I still struggle with my face shape lol.

Models prefer lash and line
this is awesome! love the two in one make up item
Models prefer mascara
I love this as it builds up the length and volume without clumping! I gotta have me my mascara and winged eye liner and this certainly does the job!.

For lips I love a dark lip and vampy lips even though its not appropriate for the season as we are heading into Summer here in Australia! but I'm not that kinda girl that stipulates what you can wear so I do what I want haha. I've been loving this colour from ulta3 lately and its Velvet wine! 

And of course this face of Australia blush called nutmeg that I have been obsessed with! the perfect summery shade! even though I probably just contradicted myself haha.

What have your favourites been?

hugs Jess

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