Monday, October 5, 2015

They shouldn't have to go back to where they have come from... asylum seekers the food justice truck

Something I learned during my year 11 classes (I am a mature aged student who has gone back to finish her highschool degree) was in Literature it was more diverse than just reading a book. We read the rug maker, about an Afghan man who seeked asylum in Melbourne, Australia. I've learned a whole different view on asylum seekers. They aren't rats sheltering on a boat, needing to go back to where they have come from. They are people, seeking safety, a new home, a new family with open arms.

Many have lost their family and loved ones, or send their young children on a journey that we could never fathom. So for research sake and wanting to see what others lives were like I did some research and have stumbled across a unique initiative.

The food Justice truck was established because it recognised a growing problem that refugees and asylum seekers needed food. It also wanted to support locally grown produce and help locals in that sense.

People who seek asylum will have lost weight due to not having enough food
Illness is therefore immanent
Hunger in children is a real thing

People are people. I believe that we become cold hearted because of the news and how it is broadcasted.

In truth we need to be more aware, kind and loving.

What are your thoughts?
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hugs Jess

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