Monday, November 9, 2015

5 beauty lessons I've learned through blogging

Hi lovelies! today I've taken an idea from FluerDanielle a lovely blog I read, and today she posted about 10 lessons she's learned through blogging and wearing make up. I'm similar to her, I actually never used to wear a lot of make up, if any. Maybe some lip gloss and bronzer but that was about all in my routine. But these days my skill set has grown with make up, and I enjoy shopping for make up and playing with new products, but along the way I have learned a few tricks that surprised me because obviously before make up, it was all new to me! But instead of 10 I'm only doing 5!

01. Skin care, Skin care, Skin care! 

I used to be just a soap and water girl, and would always complain about why my skin was dry and flaky. Then when learning about skin care, I over did it on the exfoliating (it can be done) and ended up breaking capillaries and having blotchy skin. But now I've gotten to know my skin, and my routine and it makes all the difference! even if I don't always tone the skin, I always apply moisturiser!

02. Lipstick and lip liners 
I used to never wear lip liners, and hated how my lipstick looked! it was so uneven, and unclean around the edges. I find if I'm wearing a bold lip a lip liner is a must these days, not only does it wear longer but it actually helps applying.

03. Brands are just brands
Whilst it is good to splurge occasionally just know that brands are just brands, they lure you in with their packaging and promises but in the end drugstore can work just the same or better as a high end product! I try not to get fomo these days over it because being in Australia and my budget just doesn't lend to getting many high end products.

04. Let your skin breathe 
I go for days on end without wearing make up and my skin has really cleared up lately! I know that make up doesn't cause acne however I do like to let it breathe, a day or two without make up is like a holiday.

05. Look after your stash 
there's no point in buying make up or brushes no matter the quality if its just going to lay around collecting dust, have it somewhere accessible and easy to find!

hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments below!

hugs Jess

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