Sunday, November 22, 2015

a lipstick love affair

Hi lovelies! well its no hidden secret that I adore a good lipstick or two!or (32 and counting) I also love a good drugstore lipstick, that's cheap and good quality, is there such a thing in Australia? yes! Savvybydb in the last couple of months brought out their reduced line and limited line of products, they had eye liners, mascaras, lipglosses and lipsticks, I picked up each shade of lipstick at the time, and they were $3 each.

Well let me tell you they are not only good quality, they actually also smell really nice when applying, are pigmented, creamy and I have fallen in love with one in particular

This savvy by db lipstick is in the shade velvet, I love its pinky raspberry tones, and paired with my current favourite lipliner in bitter by elf, its magical.  I'm somewhat actually saddened by the fact that this is a limited edition product. When they run out, that's it, no more.

I love these as they are longlasting, opaque, and are so so creamy they don't tug on the lips, and the colour is amazing.
Have you fallen in love with a lipstick?
hugs Jess

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