Sunday, November 1, 2015

ChiChi Confetti bubble gum pop nail polish review, swatches and thoughts

Hello all! I had a rest week this week, wasn't feeling myself for awhile there as you may have been able to tell with my last post. However I took some time out for me, which is very important for everyone's health. So yesterday I went with a girlfriend to Ringwood and we checked out the updated Eastland shopping centre and had a ball. So much fun shopping and having our girly day out together!

anyways onto today's post which is about my love for nail art, I'm not the best at nails in general but if I can get them looking somewhat pretty then I'm satisfied! these chichi nail polishes are awesome! they set real fast, no streaking and best of all they didn't chip as soon as I put my hands in soapy dish water cause that always happens!

I used these two colours from a set I have which is the Confetti bubble gum pop set and I love ChiChi products! the formula is thick but I apply thin coats so it doesn't goop up everywhere and cause an unsightly mess.

As the name suggests some of the colours have spots of colour in them to look like confetti and others have glitter, the white is the one I chose to use as the accent, and the lilac has a duo chrome blue glitter in it which looks super pretty.

The lavender is the perfect shade of lavender! it makes me look tanned even though I'm actually very pale. I think these are very fun summer colours, and with a wide range of colours to choose from you can be sure to find one that suits you, in the ChiChi range.

I love how long these polishes last on the nails as well, super easy to use with a nice brush that loads the product well. I just wipe off extra onto the bottle as I take it out. I never use an undercoat or top coat purely because I'm lazy. They have a nice shine on their own anyways so I rather like the look of that.

I don't buy Chichi that often because they can be a tad pricey but occasionally at Target I'll pop in and see they are having a sale so its a great way to stock up, best of all ChiChi is cruelty free.

Have you guys bought anything from ChiChi at all?
hugs hope you have a fabulous long weekend and goodluck betting on the races if you do!


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