Sunday, November 29, 2015

Designer brands limited edition midnight moon Christmas 2015 palette

I might have gone shopping... after my doctors appointment today I needed a bit of cheering up, because I had to get some diagnoses and what not, and that's always boring/annoying/being a downer. However the chemist where I went to get my medication had an eye shadow palette that I've been lusting after for a wee bit, since Db Cosmetics launched their Christmas stock a month ago actually. I was surprised that they were having a xmas sale so I got the palette for $2 less. I got the foundation too however that's going back tomorrow as, I got the wrong one, lightwear instead of full coverage lol

 The packaging is a sleek black case, not plastic but almost a soft padded feel so not really certain, mostly cardboard but nice enough and sturdy enough. It is also shimmery but the shimmer doesn't rub off. However I have already noticed that the case does get messy with fingerprints, and eye shadow smudges quite easily.
 The shadows are shimmery, however can appear semi matte in the swatches, I think its just the over spray of glitter on the eye shadows. You get 8 eye shadow colours, they swatch amazingly well, this was one swipe on each colour, the only one that didn't do too well was the light pink shade.
I loved the bolder colours and the white was a nice shimmery white which is pigmented. They blend out well, and are buildable in colour. So this was my first impressions of this eye shadow palette, what have you guys been buying?

hugs Jess

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